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Welcome to the Micronesian Area Research Center (MARC)website!


Throughout our history we have strived to preserve links to the past and connections among our colleagues, patrons, and visitors.We strive to acquire, preserve and provide access to collections of archival maps, photographs, texts and cultural materials.

This website will host much of our collections as we expand and dedicate staff time to digital resources.

The MARC enters into a period of renewed engagement with field archaeological research as well, and in this age of the military build-up in the region we are intensifying our capacity to serve the community through environmental and archaeological consulting.

It is critical that we prepare the next generation of professionals and academics in these fields, and MARC will work toward providing training and research opportunities through all our efforts.

Please visit these pages for reports on activities and upcoming projects.


Best Regards,

John A. Peterson, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President
Graduate Studies, Sponsored Programs & Research